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Hourglass Escapes 2015 to present- Owner

Seattle's premiere escape room game company 


Contract Sculptor, mold maker and model maker for medical simulator company specializing in realistic humans for surgical trainers.







University of Washington Experimental College May 2015 to present

Set-up, and run Make-up fx classes. They include out of kit,prosaide transfers, basic sculpting and molding and application.


LIBS NYC 2003 to 2005
Taught all three levels of make-up fx classes, redesigned and updated prosthetics class. The classes were from 9am to 5pm m-f for 3 weeks each. Taught all levels of make-up fx and some theatre. This included Mold making , sculpting, foam latex, Gelatin, old age and more.

Art Institute Of Philadelphia  1992-1994
Conceptual creation and teaching of special effects courses including make-up f/x, full head masks, and prosthetics.






Melissa: A game of choice

Lead make-up FX

Don Thacker Imagos FIlms/Imagos Softworks



Paranormal Shopping Network 2015

FX Consultant and Zombie effects

 Micaela Colman Director


Feeding TIme 2015

Lead FX

NIls Osmar DIrector


The Wedding Present 2015

Lead Make-up FX artist

Nils Osmar Director


Table For War

Lead Make-up FX Artist

Jesse La Tourette Director


Doritos Commercial (contest entry)

Lead Make-up FX artist and creature supervisor

Jacob Young Director


Central Florida Film and Video Festival Trailer 1997
Writer and production designer.

Make-up co-coordinator.

Central Florida Film and Video Festival Trailer 1996
Visual Effects.

"The Pack" Four Corners Production
Florida F/X Co-coordinator.

"A Kiss Before Dying" Defeo Design and John Dodds
Mechanical arm, cable work.

"The Pine Barrens, Legends of the Jersey Devil" Hamlet Productions
Project Lead.



Commercial Prop
Forensic sculpting prop for Iris Johansen commercial for the paper back release of “Blind Alley”

PBS Pilot "Sculpture of Squirrel"

AAA and Advil Commercials

Props and set dressing.

"Bunny Ears" K.C.G. Media Productions
Facial prosthetics and ears for elf.

"Wizards" Commercial - Curious Pictures
Mold and foam for minotaur suit.

"Nintendo" Commercial - Peter Corbit Co.
Molds and foam for Yoshi character stop motion puppet.

"Snickers" Commercial - Sci-Fi Channel Exclusive
Mold and foam on stop motion hand.

"Finders Keepers" Nickelodeon
Masks with silly stings and water spray, molds and latex slush.

"Freakylinks" Haxan Films - 'Blairwitch'
Website props and make-up.





Alatheia Medical Prosthetics
Anaplastologist/Lead sculptor for making hyper realistic medical prosthetics in silicone for patients. Specializing in Fingers, Hands, Arms and feet.


A Step Ahead Prosthetics

Anaplastologist/Lead sculptor for making hyper realistic medical prosthetics in silicone for patients. Specializing in Fingers, Hands, Arms and feet. 


Life casting and molding the patients in alginate and silicone

Create and sculpt prosthetics down to their finger print

Mold making

Skin manufacturing

R&D for new methods in production, products, adhesives and skins materials




“Forensic sculpting step by step in photographs” published August 2005.





Safari BBC Documentary
I was the subject for a forensic sculpting spot on series.


Forensic Artist 2002 to present
For Project EDAN and DOE NETWORK

Forensic sculpture
Bensalem Police department. With Sgt. Danny Sollitti. Done in conjunction with the Doe network.
Press conference for Bensalem Jane Doe
Aired on CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, KYW Radio, Philadelphia Inquirer,  NY Times, and others.

Forensic sculpture

Hinds county Police Department, Mississippi




Figure Finish Artist Universal Studios Florida 1996-2004
Refurbishment of damaged props, figures and artwork within the park.


Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Wax Figure Shop  1995-1996
Life and body casting, fabrication of body's and props, wax and resin pours, sculpting in clay and wax, teeth and molds.


Piper Productions
28 life-size relief sculptures and body casts of players for an NBA.

KX International
Lead on human project, in charge of silicone skins. Sculpted Mother and Daughter. Intrinsic painting.

KX International Rain Forest Cafe

Gorilla fabrication and hand sculpting.

Sally Corporation - Prometheus Figure
Body cast and fabrication. Sculpted hands, feet and head.


Portland Oregon Airport

"Artist Figure"




Metters Industries Project lead. Created skins for veterinarian simulators. These simulators were imitation dogs of the specific breed of dog known as Black Labrador Retrievers. These simulators were used for training veterinary doctors on inserting tubes in dog’s airways.





Assistant Manager FX Warehouse 1995-2004
Asst. Manager for Central Florida make-up effects supplier.

Walt Disney
Prosthetics for Circus of the Undead at Pleasure Island.

Universal Studios Florida
Halloween Horror Nights - creature production department.

Disney Sculpture
Character for Disney store displays in Asia and Nassel.

Kenner Toys Sculpture
Batcave toy sculpture.

Jekle and Hyde’s Restaurant, New York
Life size T-Rex skull - molds and fiberglass.

Six Flags Great Adventures, New Jersey
Alien costume.




Advanced Forensic Sculpting Course 2002
Teacher Betty Pat Gatliff.
Dick Smith Course 1999




Doe network  since 2002

Project EDAN  since 2002

International Association of Identification since 2005

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